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You Don’t Have Magical Powers, But You Still Want That Ice Palace. How Much Will it Cost?

By | May 8th, 2016

The sticker price on this epic and beautiful ice palace is some childhood trauma and the greatest Disney song ever sung, but for non-magical individuals that deal isn’t available. So what does it cost you in the real world? More than seven million dollars according to this infographic, which is nothing compared to what Disney made off the film. Maybe we can convince them to build us one in a new Disneyland Svalbard, or something. Surely that park would quickly rise the top of this comparative list of the world’s Disney parks.

I’m pretty impressed with the amount of research that went into this infographic, not that it bothered her. Calculating Else’s height based on average reindeer height for Sven is pretty clever, and spending time to scour Google Maps (I assume) for the most likely location takes dedication and probably left the creator of the infographics pining for the fjords.

Honestly, what impressed me more than the palace was that Elsa made her dress. Was that made of ice and snow, too? If so, very nice workmanship, indeed. Or should I say workwomanship?