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8 Commonly Misused Words

By | source: Sep 13th, 2010

Bad grammar and spelling can really get on everyone’s nerves, but I’m not going to say I don’t fall victim to some mistakes. I’m sure you all have read through tons of my spelling mistakes and I’m sorry. I try to write without error, but sometimes I’m not that smart.

I never knew that flair and flare were often misused. Almost all of the other words listed in the graphic I have made a mistake with, except flair/flare. The only way I see myself making the mistake is if I am complementing flare with flair.

“Oh damn! That flare’s got flair!”

Right there is where I could definitely see myself flubbing up. The problem is I don’t see myself ever saying that. When am I ever going to see flames so stylish I say it has flair?

Not often, but I do remember messing up the lie/lay before. It doesn’t help when you’re trying to talk about those who lie while they lie to each other about lying while they lay. That’s most likely the only time I’ll mess that up. I’m pretty sure I just did.

I do think it is funny that the most important misplaced words on here are flammable and inflammable. Especially because they don’t define what each means. I mean every illustration has ‘word=definition’ except this one. The drawing doesn’t even help much.   If I didn’t already know the meaning I could take it that inflammable actually means that it cannot catch fire. Not good for kids(or adults) who are playing with fire and think that some infographic said they can light their inflammable hair-gel on fire and it won’t combust. Online Schooling, I predict you’ll have a lawsuit coming your way soon. [Via]