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How Much Does Each Batman Villain Speak?

By | source:Here May 12th, 2020

Throughout the years, DC Comics superstar Batman has seen various adaptations on the silver screen. Just as integral to these adaptations are his villains.

Batman’s rogues’ gallery is perhaps one of the–if not the most–famed rogues’ gallery of any comic book hero. From his archrival, Joker, to the conniving Riddler, to the immoral Two-Face, Batman’s rogues’ gallery stretches far and wide. However, the three names I mentioned all have one thing in common. What is that? They were all major villains in one or more of the various Batman movie adaptations over the years.

Today’s infographic takes a look at the villains from each solo Batman movie, more specifically the number of lines each villain had. While surely you’d expect someone like Joker to top the list, the honor actually goes to Danny DeVito’s tragic depiction of Penguin from Batman Returns. He leads the way with nearly 150 lines!

Another interesting takeaway is how close Jack Nicholson’s and Heath Ledger’s Jokers are in terms of the number of lines. This will only add fuel to the everlasting debate of “Who was the best Joker?”

If you’ve ever wondered how impactful the villain was for each Batman solo film, look at the rest of today’s infographic for an almost definite answer!