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Christmas In July

By | source:Here Jul 18th, 2014

Have you ever thought: “What if there were two Christmases?” Many people have thought this I have thought this. In fact, I’m thinking it right now.  Christmas in July would be amazing! Turns out I’m not that clever, because it has been done before. It has been done since the forties!

For Aussies, Christmas always comes in summer. It’s a much different celebration than the winter wonderland of the Northern Hemisphere. Show your Australian brethren some love and celebrate a Christmas in July! Who doesn’t love presents, or Christmas carols, or leaving cookies out for a fat guy who breaks into your house, not to steal anything, but to give you stuff? What a celebration!

Just think – Christmas pool parties, complete with a barbecue and fireworks celebration. We’re talking taking the magic of Christmas and combining it with the debauchery of the Fourth of July. Instead of ugly Christmas sweater parties, there could be trashy Christmas tank top parties! The possibilities are endless. I am always in favor of turning one holidays into two holidays.