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Oh Christmas Tree

By | source: Dec 13th, 2011

It is the most wonderful time of the year! From trimmed trees to twinkle lights to knit stockings hanging over the fireplace, you really can’t escape the christmas cheer. Although we have many christmas time traditions, the christmas tree is definitely the first and foremost.

This timeline takes us through the history of the christmas tree from the first decorated tree in 1600, to the first christmas tree in the white house, to the griswolds A Christmas Vacation. It is easy to see the influence of the different fads and trends through out the century, like the bubble lights from the 1940’s. My best friend’s tree has bubble lights each year! Its their christmas tree staple.

The other main aspect of the timeline is the debate between the real and artificial tree. My family are a bunch of real tree advocates, claiming that they will never own an artificial tree ever. I do agree and love the real tree, but artificial trees are so easy and require no clean up! The list of pros and cons goes on and on, and the debate will probably never go away!

So tell me, what are your favorite christmas tree traditions? Do you love sparkly tinsel? Maybe pop corn strings? Or do you don your tree with candy canes? And when it comes to the tree itself, are you all natural or prefer an artificial? [Via]