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Top 50 Christmas Toys of the Past Century

By | source: Dec 12th, 2011

Have you started doing your Christmas shopping? You know there are only two weeks left, if you haven’t gotten out there time to get steppin friend. With only two weeks left in the shopping season people are beginning to feel the pressure of the oncoming holidays. I for one have not started my shopping and probably will continue to put it off for another week, shameful I know. Although I have yet to make actual purchases I have done some browsing online in my spare time. The gift options we have these days are crazy!

It is hard to believe within the span of a century the most popular gifts given have gone from a teddy bear to such things as the xbox 360 and ps3. One can only imagine what the gifts of the future will look like, have you played with kinect. Although I am no longer the avid gamer I used to be I have had the opportunity to play with the kinect, the user interface xbox has created is like Minority Report. Not going to lie I am kind of jealous of the kids of the future, if the world doesn’t end this coming year, they will be getting some pretty kick ass toys.[Cash Generator, Via: Source]

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