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Roomba by Numbers

By | source: Nov 25th, 2012

Howdy folks! I hope you all have had a wonderful week/weekend of rest. The infographic that I have for you today fits in with the sit back and relax theme. iRobots. True, the majority of people do not own such luxuries, but when oneâ??s a busy person like yourself, who wouldnâ??t want to come home to a pristine floor (that they didnâ??t spend a minute on)?

Whatâ??s even better than getting to be lazy about at least one thing in your life is that you can claim you have Jesse Pinkmanâ??s awesome toy. Come on, who wouldnâ??t want to be more connected to the genius of Breaking Bad? People would come over to your house and think youâ??re the coolest stuff eva.

But enough with the sales pitch. This infographic tells us some of the facts about Roombaâ??s in general. It lets us know in what settings they are used (including space!), how many weird things they pick up, and the different animals that have been lucky enough to ride around on one. These things are as cool as my momâ??s feetâ??which are pretty darn cold. Hope yâ??all have a great Sunday! Keep that relaxin feeling! [irobot]