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Sushi Etiquette

By | source: Sep 20th, 2012

Sushi is so tasty, definitely one of my favorite foods. So itâ??s unfortunate that I donâ??t know any sushi etiquette. In fact, after reading todayâ??s infographic, alot of us donâ??t know any sushi etiquette. AND apparently Iâ??ve been eating at bad sushi bars.

While this infographic only refers to sashimi, there are still some rules that you can apply to regular sushi as well; Like dumping wasabi into soy sauce, or even rubbing chopsticks together to remove the splinters. And if youâ??ve never tried sashimi, I highly recommend it, itâ??s so filling and fresh. This weekend, I challenge you to go out to your favorite sushi bar, order sashimi, and practice the etiquette you just learned. [via]