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The Learning Power of Legos

By | source: Jan 17th, 2014

Nothing hurts more than stepping on a Lego, or finding out that your parent sold all your Legos in a garage sale.

Those two things are the worst things that can happen, ever. Unless you include the horrors of being gifted Mega Bloks instead of Legos, because adults don’t realize that there is a HUGE difference.

At any Lego store there will be some amazing Lego display structure, and it leaves one to wonder if the employees were given a full day to simply build this, Eiffel tower, Chewbacca, or space ship. Nope, I assume that there is some fancy Lego building machine that does it all for them and steals all the fun out of working at a Lego store. Just like finding out that Santa doesn’t exist.

Why did Lego feel like they needed this combination of K’nex and their own perfect work, The Lego block. Post Bionicle, Legos have not been the same. Anytime a new Lego set is bought, the buyer will see that there are too many unique pieces that can only be used to build the specific model bought. So that buying Legos will become nothing more than the equivalent of putting together a piece of Ikea furniture. This leaves me wondering if they ever collaborate.