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The Secrets Of Happy Couples Based On Science

By | source:Here Jan 4th, 2019

67% of adults experience problems in their relationship after having kids. Discover the science behind happy couples and improve your partnership with these tips.

It’s no surprise that having a positive attitude affects relationships. Curate optimism in your life by complimenting your partner, sharing a humorous story from your shared past, or simply do something that is unexpected. Take the scientific approach by paying attention to the studies that suggest that having sex once per week makes people 44% more likely to have positive feelings.

Happy couples who celebrate good news together with enthusiasm and participate in new experiences increase their levels of happiness and stave off depression. With the right mindset, an evening walk turns into an ideal time for a meaningful talk with your partner.

However, even the happiest of partners get into an argument. Strong relationships handle disagreements differently from those in unhappy unions. Happy couples diffuse tension by showing humor, expressing affection, and compromising. If you find yourself displaying contempt towards your partner or rolling your eyes, then it’s time to take a step back.

If you’re worried about your relationship failing while your kids are young, then have faith. Studies show that a couple’s happiness increases once their youngest child has grown up. Stay connected with these tips and you’ll find greater overall satisfaction with life.